Welcome to the Family

We are happy that you are going to be part of our journey and you are going to be one of the 500 other amazing people. Joining the biggest camp in the world.  Please read carefully our Terms of Conditions and wait for our confirmation message. OSS

Terms of Conditions

1. Your registration is to be considered as a contract between you and BJJ SUMMER WEEK
2. Places can be considered BOOKED and SECURED only after the payment is confirmed by organizer 1-5 days after you book.
3. The Camp fee is refundable if asked before 30th of May. 50 euro will be charged for administrative reason and additional 50 euro for the cost of the Gi, plus the shipping costs for delivering it to you. The rest of the amount you paid, will be refunded to you.
4. The camp registration and payment can be transferred to another athlete, however the BJJ SUMMER WEEK Organizer needs to be informed of this and approve it.
5. If there is change in the email or personal information related to your subscription to the camp please contact us as soon as possible, so we update our information.
6. BJJ SUMMER WEEK will not allow anybody to train during the week without a medical certificate. The medical certificate has to be with clear statement from a doctor that the athlete is “suitable to practice sport” and has to be state also that the athlete has done a Ecg (HEARTH CONTROL). We can provide this control for additional 35 euro with our sport doctors and medics. The check last 1 year.who states that you are in good health and can perform Brazilian jiu jitsu as a sport. IN ITALY IS STRICTLY MANDATORY AND OBLIGATORY for any person who does sport to have medical certificate. 
7. BJJ SUMMER WEEK will assign a base insurance for each participant. If you want to upgrade it, please contact us and we will take care.
8. BJJ SUMMER WEEK is not responsible for any personal belongings at the camp, it’s up to each participant to keep their personal belongings safe.
9. BJJ SUMMER WEEK will immediately exclude any participants from the camp without refund in case of:
– Aggressive behavior (inside and outside the mat)
– Disrespect to the staff and the participants
– Racism, Sexism, Ableism, Other forms of prejudice
10. When registering to the camp you automatically have agreed to the terms and conditions written above for the BJJ SUMMER WEEK camp.