Sardinia makes our camp special with its surrounding, people and culture. Our professors make it a fully unmissable occasion to challenge ourselves, learn and create memories as a family. Learn from elite professors from all over the world and multiple disciplines, it doesn’t matter your belt and previous experience, the camp is suited to be insightful and incredible for everyone.

Michelle Nicolini (BR)

The 8x World Champion and our madrina.

Luca Lepri (BR)

The 9x World Champion.

Lucas Leite (BR)

One of the best (if not the best) half guard in the world Lucas Leite.

Victor Ribeiro (BR)

The legendary Shaolin from the Nova Uniao team will also join us.

Flavio Santiago "Peroba" (BR)

And the Luva Livre pioneer Flavio Santiago “Peroba”.

Robert Degle (US)

BJJ Sumer Week Professor

Ross Nicholls (GB)

The great grappling competitor Ross Nicholls.

Nick "Hunter" Brooks (GB)

And our truly aficionado Nick “Hunter” Brooks.

Tommy Langaker (NO)

The viking Tommy Langaker will be joining us as well.

Luca Anacoreta (IT)

Three of the most known Italian competitors in European IBJJF competitions will be joining the BJJ Summer Week: the expert of armbars and triangles Luca Anacoreta.

Marco Bancone "Oliva" (IT)

Marco Bancone “Oliva”, well known in the European IBJJF circuit.

Alberto Buriasco (IT)

And the Copa Podio veteran Alberto Buriasco.

Federico Tisi (IT)

Among the italian squad we will have as well the co‑founders of Unione Italiana Jiu Jitsu Federico Tisi (Honorary President).

Dario Bacci (IT)

And Dario Bacci, currently President.

Mariano Serreli (IT)

The former wrestling competitor Mariano Serreli.